Realistic self-defense often requires an eye opening reality check.

Get inside the criminal mind.  We will explain the various types of predators you are most likely to encounter in a real-life violent assault, and how to avoid being attacked.

Violence has its' own indisputable login.  Criminals resort to violence because it works, and they avoid violence when the costs seem to high.

We wll bridge the gap between traditional self-defense and the reality of most common types of violent attacks.


  • Learn the difference between various predator types.
  • Analyze common assault examples and learn how to avoid them.
  • understand "Emotional Dominance" and "Your nightmare Opponent"
  • Recognize the glitches in your own thinking.
  • Eliminate mental issues that can hinder reaction speed during a real-life assault.
  • Recognize the types of violence and the places where violence occurs most frequently.

You'll want to be prepared to take notes as well as design and participate in real self-defense scenarios.

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