Ip Man 3

The long awaited final installment of the Hong Kong trilogy about the legendary martial arts master Ip Man, who in the 1950s taught the Wing Chun style of kung fu.   Among his pupils was Bruce Lee, a young Bruce played by Danny Chan.

Donnie Yen returns to play Ip Man, who once again battles for the underdog in local skirmishes and deals with foreign devils including a corrupt British police captain and a brute American boxer, played in cameo by Mike Tyson. This framework is used to set the stage for various fight scenes displaying the Wing Chun Kung Fu style.

Don't expect what you saw in Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster (2013), which was also about Ip Man, but presented in a more realistic manner.  Here, Ip is living a quiet, low key life while kung fu, but finds himself thrust into a situation where he is at odds with another wing chun teacher of a different lineage, Cheung Tin-chi (Zjang Jin). If you are expecting a historically accurate documentary you will be disappointed.  So let that go and just enjoy the movie for what it is.  A good ole Kung Fu flick!

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