Sifu Jeff

Sifu Jeff Kehler began his martial arts training in 1982 with the study of Tang Soo Do. Over the years he studied various styles of Kung Fu and kick boxing. He always looked for a style or system that would serve his personal needs and goals for the rest of his life. Then in 2003 he decided to explore the Ving Tsun Kung Fu School in Hatboro, PA. Upon meeting and speaking to Sifu Jay Hitchman, he knew he found what he had been searching for. He immediately began Ving Tsun training under Sifu Jay and other members of the extended Kung Fu family including Master Pete Pajil at the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu School in Philadelphia, PA.

After several years of training, Sifu Jeff completed the Wing Chun system under Sifu Jay. However, he fully understood that this did not mean the end of his Kung Fu journey but it merely represented the beginning.

In time, being one of the more senior students at Sifu Jay's school, Sifu Jeff began taking on more teaching and instruction responsibilities. It was during this process that he developed his passion for teaching and helping others. This led him to take on students of his own in 2008. It was during this process that Sifu Jeff's passion for teaching and helping others grew to the point that he decided to open his own school. After consulting with his Sifu and SiGung he made the decision to formally open his Ving Tsun Kung Fu school in June of 2010.

Sifu Jeff continues to study and train not only the Ving Tsun system but other styles of martial arts. He believes this information and experience helps to develop him into a more well rounded martial artist.


About Our School

Our school addresses the needs of a wide variety of students – from those seeking to develop realistic self defense skills, physical exercise and fitness, kung fu enthusiasts, martial artists who want to add another style to their training arsenal. As you can see there are many reasons why students choose to begin their study of kung fu. It could be simply to satisfy their curiosity about what Kung Fu is, to test what they can do with it, or to discover what the Kung Fu Life can do for them. Regardless of what your reason is, everyone is welcome here, as our school endorses a friendly exchange of information and ideas.

We believe in having a well rounded martial arts training system. To accomplish this each of the four main fighting categories of traditional Chinese martial arts must be trained. The categories are Kicking (Ti), Striking (Da), Chin Na (Na), and Wrestling (Shuai). We not only train these areas but learn the relationship they have to each other.

Chin na or Qinna (literally translates as technique of catching and locking) is a Chinese term describing joint lock techniques used in the Chinese martial arts to control or lock an opponent's joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move, thus neutralizing the opponent's fighting ability.

Shuai Jiao (to throw onto the ground through wrestling with legs). Specializes in countering against punches and kicks, and in using defense as an offense, Shuai Jiao is commonly used for short-range fighting and for taking down an opponent.

Soft Qigong is also trained. Soft Qigong trains you to be soft, relaxed and coordinated. Soft Qigong promotes good health of the spine and helps to keep the waist and torso fit and flexible. This is key to developing smooth and flexible whip like martial power.

In addition to this we have periodic seminars featuring guest teachers from other systems and styles (i.e. knife and stick combat, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ) to expose our students to other skills.

As you progress through the system, you will begin to see and understand how each student will adapted their kung fu to their own personality and body type. We do not create "cookie-cutter" martial artists. Each student is encouraged to find their own style of kung fu expression. We have a wide variety of students, who vary in physical condition, age, size and goals for their kung fu. More experienced students are taught to encourage and support newer students. This helps everyone develop their own personal approach to kung fu, and the intent of the school is to ultimately develop your own personal expression of Wing Chun.

If our school sounds like something you would like to get involved in, contact our school and set up an interview. During your interview, Sifu Jeff will discuss with you your goals and expectations for your kung fu training and how we may help you achieve those goals.

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